These sessions are designed to encourage mums to get more visible.


Are you always the one taking the photos? Now is your time to be present and celebrate your motherhood journey. 


It’s not about posing, it’s about documenting your connection - the growing bump, the giggles, the tickles, the cuddles and the kisses.

Perhaps you didn’t get around to having a newborn shoot, or even a first birthday shoot - we understand, time really does fly. That’s why it’s time to pause and capture this truly precious time so you and your children can look back, forever.


Not a fan of being in front of the camera? We understand, as mother’s too, we know sometimes you can get caught up in negative thoughts, “I’m not at my dream weight, my hair hasn’t been done in a while.” But have you ever looked back at photos of your own Mother and thought these thoughts?  To your babies, you are perfect. We always look back on photos of ourselves through kinder eyes and now is the time to be kind to ourselves, you deserve it.


These sessions are suitable for maternity and all older babies (1 months+) and children of all ages.

Tuesdays | £175 | 1 hour | 5 digital images in colour & black and white | matching 6x4 colour prints

“Initially I was apprehensive about having my photos taken, but I’m so glad I did, they’re now some of my favourite photos ever and I’ve got them printed proudly around my home. It was so nice to have beautiful photos that I’m in, instead of just low quality selfies.” - Emma